Allow me to introduce myself,

I am the chosen Fu.

Born from the heart of an inter-galactic fusion between Digital and Advertising, this fusion has granted me Communication Powers that are bound to change the world as we know it. See, the world today is moving too fast, too fast to track from a single perspective. I say we start from everywhere, anywhere your brand desires, and reach one place only, Infinity.

I am here to
Create. Connect.


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Alain Mitri
Alain Mitri Digital Designer
Aline Chahine
Aline Chahine Senior Designer
Habib Arbid
Habib Arbid Web Developer
Jessica Hawi
Jessica Hawi Art Director
Joanna Abboud
Joanna Abboud Copywriter
Joanna Salloum
Joanna Salloum Senior Account Manager
Julien Hakim
Julien Hakim Creative Director
Marc Al Amil
Marc Al Amil Community Manager
Marianne Hanna
Marianne Hanna Accountant
Natacha Khalifé
Natacha Khalifé Head of Client Servicing
Norma Yaacoub
Norma Yaacoub Head of Development
Roy Lteif
Roy Lteif Account Executive
Soyem Osakwe
Soyem Osakwe Senior Account Director
Tracy Bou Gebrayel
Tracy Bou Gebrayel Community Manager
Ralph Aoun
Ralph Aoun Managing Partner
Marc Khoury
Marc Khoury Chief Executive Officer
Rita Nassar
Rita Nassar Managing Director
Alain Khoury
Alain Khoury Web Developer